Business Strategy

First-corporation has formulated a business strategy for achieving the targets outlined in Innovation 2019, its new three-year medium-term management plan that began in the fiscal year ended May 2020.

Medium-term management plan: (1) Numerical targets

In its first year, due to effect of the impact of the decline of "Zouchu" method by decrease of securing land for condominium in the previous fiscal year, it is expected decline profit margin. Thereby, the plan is restrained and conservative. However, in the fiscal year ending May 31, 2022, three years from now, First-corporation is targeting net sales of Yen24.7 billion, ordinary income of Yen1.7 billion and an order backlog of Yen33.8 billion.
In order to achieve the plan, it is essential to restore the market share of "Zouchu" method. First-corporation will refocus on securing land of condominium by focus on acquiring human resources and expanding land information sources.
In addition, will promote for the active and senior condominium, the renovation business, the urban redevelopment business, etc. in an effort to expand its business and secure profits.

Order receipts/Order backlog at year end

(millions of yen)

Ner sales/Ordinary income

(millions of yen)(millions of yen)