Business Strategy

Medium-term management plan: (3) Quantitative targets

In terms of profitability, First-corporation aims establish a structure that can maintain a gross profit to net sales on completed construction of 16%. Consequently, as a general contractor, we can secure operating income margin at high levels around 10%. In tandem with the expansion of business operations, we will seek to ensure stable profits.

On the financial side, our interim goal is to maintain a capital ratio of 40%.
Targeting ROA of 20% and ROE of 40%, First-corporation will strive to manage with an awareness of capital efficiency as well as enhancing our financial position.

Management targets for improving corporate value (improve financial soundness) and building a stable business foundation

(1) Earnings: Aim to maximize profits by increasing productivity through greater efficiency

(2) Financial health: Aim to improve financial soundness by building up retained earnings, etc

Medium-Term Qualitative Targets

(1) Earnings targets

(2) Improve financial soundness