Business Strategy

Medium-term management plan: (2) Near-term business

(1) Restore the market share of "Zouchu" method

First-corporation will strengthen Business Development Division and restore the ratio of "Zouchu" method by expanding the number of personnel and developing new information-sourcing routes of land.

(2) Expand market share in the Tokyo area

First-corporation had a market share of only about 2% in the Tokyo area at the end of the fiscal year ended May 2019, a modest share of the market. We are concentrating efforts on expanding market share and establishing a position in this area.

Many developers are impressed with our construction results in construction and passion for quality. First-corporation is in a good position to develop new clients and expand order receipts by differentiating from rivals and developing business based on the “Zouchu” business.

(3) Build a support structure for business expansion

First-corporation will continue to secure human resources regardless of new graduates and mid-career hires, and will strive to create attractive companies, such as the enhancement of welfare and the well-supported qualification acquisition support system.

(4) Pursue a high-earnings structure

While taking steps to improve efficiency and reduce costs, we seek growth in net sales and stable profits.