Business Strategy

Medium-term management plan: (2) Near-term business management

First-corporation manages its operations with a focus on the following three initiatives in order to achieve the numerical targets of its medium-term management plan.

(1) Expand market share in the Tokyo area

First-corporation had a market share of only about 2% in Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures at the end of the fiscal year ended May 2018, a modest share of the market. We are concentrating efforts on expanding market share and establishing a position in this area.

Many developers are impressed with our construction results in construction and passion for quality. First-corporation is in a good position to develop new clients and expand order receipts by differentiating from rivals and developing business based on the “Zouchu” business.

(2) Build a support structure for business expansion

First-corporation is redoubling efforts continuously to secure personnel with the establishment of a recruitment team dedicated to hiring personnel in the fiscal year ended May 2017.

Despite the personnel requirements for the renovation business and Kyushu branch being different to construction management, securing human resources for these projects are expected to progress steadily.

(3) Pursue a high-earnings structure

While taking steps to improve efficiency and reduce costs, we seek growth in net sales and stable profits.

Innovation 2018 initiatives

Building a foundation for enduring prosperity and stable corporate activities over the three-year period starting in the fiscal year ended May 2019